Friday, July 15, 2011

Today I went into the Levis shop and realized how you
can be one hundred years old and still be cool. 
It’s all about staying true and never changing a classic too much.
I see a lot of brand go under in design and lower the 
standards because of money and forget the simple principals 
of design and forget their passion and love that
made them who they are and where they are.

That’s why I always loved Levis simple,
modern and yet still fitting into the 21st centaury so I can proudly say....


Jeans.Vintage Levis
Shirt   .Levis Denim shirt
Shoes .Dr martin .

Thursday, July 14, 2011

After working hard for the past 5months I finally
got the time to go and visit the big smoke. (Melbourne city that is) 
Had a super lunch with a friend and visited my friend Tony at his shop for a catch up.
Which is right in the heart of the city.I had my new canon 7D on me, 
which I took for a test drive, and it amazingly produced 
these photos for me. 
On my way home I paid a small visit to
my Fave Prada store, and couldn’t leave 
without purchasing something little for this winter.

Shoes : P.S .  Paul Smith